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Bastrop is a city in the heart of Texas that is up and coming for major growth within the coming years. Located just 30 miles from the industrious city of Austin, Bastrop has followed their lead in growing its business sector and creating more local jobs.  We are home to... Read more
Published on: 2021-03-01
 Austin, TX, is well known for its industry and growth. Austin has led the nation in growth for the past eight years. As the city continues to expand, people in the workforce are looking for a place to live that is a convenient commute to Austin. Bastrop is just the...... Read more
Published on: 2021-02-22
The city of Bastrop is asking residents and tourists to invest in local businesses to help keep our local economy strong. The Bastrop Economic Development Corporation (Bastrop EDC) is funded mainly through a one-half cent tax. This means one-half cent of sales tax in Bastrop goes toward local economic development.... Read more
Published on: 2021-02-15
Bastrop’s new economic development website is offering a free online planning tool. This tool can be used by site selectors and business owners to get an in-depth view of Bastrop’s industry and business information, labor force, and demographic data. Along with this information, our planning tool also offers information on...... Read more
Published on: 2021-02-08
Are you looking for a place to locate or relocate your business? If so, Bastrop may be just the place! Bastrop offers businesses many incentives and has several location advantages. One such advantage is the location of the city itself. Located in the heart of the Texas Triangle, Bastrop is...... Read more
Published on: 2021-02-01
Are you looking for commercial property near Austin, Texas? Bastrop would like to welcome new businesses to the area and we have the commercial sites you need to grow. Our industrial park has several great spaces for new businesses looking for a place to locate. Bastrop’s Business and Industrial Park...... Read more
Published on: 2021-01-25
Bastrop, located in the heart of Texas, is home to several great businesses. These businesses range in size. From large to small businesses alike are succeeding and taking advantage of all of the great incentives Bastrop has to offer.  Our new online Geographic Information System (GIS) planning tool allows site... Read more
Published on: 2021-01-18
Looking to expand in the Austin area? Bastrop is located nearby and has the talent you need to grow your company. Bastrop’s economic development website now offers site selectors and businesses, looking for a location, our new free online area talent planning tool. Utilizing the Geographical Information System (GIS) tool...... Read more
Published on: 2021-01-11
Bastrop’s economic development website has a new online tool that compares communities around the area. This Geographical Information System (GIS) planning tool is great for site selectors and business owners looking for an ideal place to locate their business.  This comparison tool allows site selectors to compare surrounding communities with... Read more
Published on: 2021-01-04
Bastrop, TX, is excited to announce our new economic development website which features an in-depth community profile on the city. This new feature is offered to anyone who would like to learn more about our city, including site selectors and business owners who are looking for a place to locate...... Read more
Published on: 2020-12-28
Our new economic development website offers site selectors free in-depth demographics about Bastrop, Texas. This tool is meant to help site selectors and businesses looking for an ideal location to learn more about the city of Bastrop. Our Geographical Information System (GIS) demographics planning tool gives site selectors a wealth...... Read more
Published on: 2020-12-21
Are you looking for available properties in or around Bastrop, Texas? If so, we urge you to check out our new free online Geographic Information System (GIS) planning tool. Here site selectors and prospective business owners can easily search through all available commercial properties for sale, rent, or lease in...... Read more
Published on: 2020-12-14
Bastrop invites you to follow our new social media accounts so that you can stay up to date with the local news and events happening in the area. Bastrop is a lively city in the heart of Texas with a large and thriving business sector. Bastrop residents also enjoy several...... Read more
Published on: 2020-12-07
Traveling between parks in Bastrop will soon become easier as the city is set to begin a sidewalk connectivity project linking together several public green spaces. “This is a long time coming,” Public Works Director Curtis Hancock said of the project during his presentation at the Oct. 27 City Council... Read more
Published on: 2020-11-03
AUSTIN, TX – Governor Greg Abbott issued a statement after a new survey of U.S. corporate executives ranked Texas the number one state for business for the eighth consecutive time since 1996. The survey was released at the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) Annual Conference, which is being held from Dallas...... Read more
Published on: 2020-10-14
BOERNE, Texas (KXAN) — As the coronavirus pandemic continues to take a toll on lives and healthcare systems across the country, communities are also having to contend with the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, 58 Texas communities beyond metropolitan areas have a new lifeline in weathering this storm:...... Read more
Published on: 2020-10-12
After a change in developer, a new design and a $1.1 million cost increase, the finish line is finally in sight for the Downtown Bastrop building under construction on the empty lot at 921 Main St. Bastrop Economic Development Corporation CEO Cameron Cox and project manager Jimmy Crouch both confirmed construction... Read more
Published on: 2020-09-29
In times of economic struggle — such as the recession that abruptly arrived with the COVID-19 pandemic — analysts and advocates promote an array of options as effective tools for stimulating the economy. One of the most frequently suggested options is infrastructure spending. Proponents of infrastructure spending during dire economic...... Read more
Published on: 2020-09-24
AD: Will more companies be re-shoring or near-shoring as a result of the global pandemic? Jensen: For certain, most companies are closely examining the options available to them to avoid future supply chain interruptions. Part of the challenge of making a decision on a future sourcing direction is that this story isn’t... Read more
Published on: 2020-09-23
Few implications of the COVID-19 pandemic are as consequential to global manufacturers as disruptions to their supply chains. For many, this is the most consequential by far. Supply chains are always a work in progress as such market variables as transportation costs, tariffs and trade agreements force logistics managers to...... Read more
Published on: 2020-09-23
As the coronavirus pandemic disrupted global supply chains, a new report released in April by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) urged the U.S. government to develop a national industrial strategy to strengthen the competitive position of advanced, traded-sector industries that are “too critical to fail.” “Even before this... Read more
Published on: 2020-09-23
Somewhere between your umpteenth Zoom meeting of the month and the latest webinar on the economic impacts of COVID-19, this thought probably crossed your mind: “How long will I be working from home?” While an exact answer to that question still eludes most companies, the effects of remote working are... Read more
Published on: 2020-09-22
The Brookings Institution hosted a webinar on June 10 titled “Mitigating the Economic Impacts of COVID-19 in Rural Areas.” Moderator Tracy Hadden Loh, a Brookings Institution Fellow, engaged three experts on rural economies in looking back at the pandemic’s effect on two small towns and across rural America, and how...... Read more
Published on: 2020-09-22
While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to create an environment of unpredictability, the one certainty is that the way in which people previously commuted to their jobs — and the way in which goods and services were traditionally delivered — is likely changed forever. It is still too early to predict... Read more
Published on: 2020-09-21