Mathis, Texas

Small town. Big lake. Great people.

Community Summary

Mathis, Texas

Mathis, Texas, renowned for its rich Spanish heritage and storied past, stands poised for a remarkable resurgence. Our city beckons as the ideal destination for those seeking to revitalize their ambitions. Whether you aspire to establish a thriving distribution hub, make a meaningful mark as an entrepreneur, foster housing developments, or embark on a journey of modern homesteading, Mathis offers boundless opportunities.

There is a rekindled appreciation for the worth of small towns and the allure of country living. Now is the time to bring to light: Mathis, Texas, is the perfect place for you.

Nestled 30 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico and neighboring Lake Corpus Christi, Mathis also appeals to those seeking the tranquility of country living. With a rekindled appreciation for small-town charm, Mathis invites individuals and families to be part of its promising future. Whether you’re drawn to business ventures or the allure of a peaceful community, Mathis, Texas, is the perfect destination for you.