Kyle, Texas

Kyle is the nation’s third fastest growing city with a population of over 50,000.

Community Summary

Kyle, Texas

Kyle’s success story is fueled by its strategic positioning along the bustling I-35 corridor, just 7 miles south of Austin and 39 miles north of San Antonio. With an estimated population of 57,000 in 2023, an average household income of $93,000, and a median age of 33, Kyle provides an ideal environment for businesses to thrive. The city’s sales tax increase of 11.4% over last year reflects its continuous commitment to reinvesting in infrastructure and supporting local businesses.

Kyle’s exponential growth is not just a thing of the past – it’s a promise for the future. With a strategic location in the Texas Innovation Corridor, proximity to major cities, and a diverse business landscape, Kyle continues to attract high-tech manufacturing, professional services, distribution, and destination recreation. The city’s 10.9% growth rate last year showcases its commitment to progress, with ongoing infrastructure improvements and collaborations with local educational institutions to ensure a skilled workforce for the future.

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