The Town of Hickory Creek, Texas

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Community Summary

Hickory Creek, Texas

The Town of Hickory Creek is a generous blend of parks and nature trails, bustling subdivisions and family farms, boat ramps and businesses. If you’re a seeker of what’s truly important in life, Hickory Creek, Texas can be found under stands of magnificent trees where the bigness and bustle of big-D-Dallas ends and small-town-friendly, lakeside living begins.  Straddling I-35E, not too far north of Dallas’ major ring roads and suburbs, this town is a jewel in the crown of communities that circle Lewisville Lake.People wonder how a town with such easy access to all of DFW could possibly hide in plain sight of a major interstate, but it does. Ask any Hickory Creek resident how they feel about their town and they’ll tell you it’s the perfect place to live – an oasis in an urban desert, a sanctuary from the workaday world, a safe harbor for the entire family.

Whichever metaphor you choose – few would leave.  Folks that live here report that something curious happens to them each time they leave and return again.  They’ll tell you: “the moment you cross the bridge, you feel your whole body relax and a voice inside you tells you – you’re home.”

Over the years Hickory Creek has grown and changed, and benefited in the process, but what hasn’t changed is what’s most important to folks here:  the town’s natural beauty, its easy-going lifestyle, and the fabulous parks that follow the contours of the lake.  Thanks to leaders who’ve maintained a balance between what makes Hickory Creek unique and the conveniences its citizens desire – this town is, and will continue to be, a hidden gem worth searching out.