Fairmont, Minnesota

Seize the opportunity to make your mark in Fairmont, MN! Join us in creating a retail landscape that combines the best of community, commerce, and charm!

Community Summary

Fairmont, Minnesota

Fairmont, MN is a beautiful, historic town located in southern MN at the intersection of I-90 and state highway 15. Fairmont offers a small-city lifestyle and quality of life, featuring a chain of 5 lakes running through our community and many amenities including 27 public parks. Fairmont offers a diverse manufacturing base with strong home grown and corporate manufacturers. The Fairmont area school district has a robust academic and extracurricular offering and is a leader in the region in bringing vocational, technical, and skilled trades education to its students. Fairmont also has a very strong healthcare presence with multiple options for every healthcare need. Drawing from Martin County and other surrounding counties in southern MN and northern IA, Fairmont offers a regional trade area servicing all the surrounding small communities who rely on Fairmont for shopping, services, entertainment, and enrichment.

A community nestled in the heart of Southern Minnesota, eagerly awaiting the arrival of innovative retailers like you.

Fairmont, MN, is not just a location; it’s a strategic choice along Interstate 90 and major highway 15 with untapped market potential.

Fairmont boasts an eager customer base ready to embrace new trends and offerings, providing a unique opportunity to establish your brand and captivate the local audience.

Fairmont offers Community Assets with an abundance of community assets, from recreational spaces to cultural amenities, all designed to enhance the overall well-being of residents and attract potential customers to your business. Fairmont is committed to nurturing young minds, providing a skilled and talented workforce for your business.

Fairmont takes pride in its healthcare infrastructure, ensuring the health and happiness of your team.